Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Kiss. Dr. Emotional Aksoy

Our clinic, is founded in Antalya by Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Specialist Op.Dr.Duygu Aksoy in order to giving health services in aesthetic surgery, varicose treatments, hair transplantation, diet and weight control fields by bringing together top level and latest technologic devices with field specialist crew.

Qualıty Polıcy

Our clinic, dedicated to consider patient rights and liability by being loyal to confidentiality and neutrality in every services which it is serving. In this direction, it is making progress about being a leader in innovation, knowledge and technology fields by moving on improving quality with sustainability conception. Our clinic is aimed to; keep at top to patient and relatives satisfaction and improve life quality of person with services giving by us.

Our main services

Facial Aesthetics

It is used to remove sagging and wrinkles due to aging on the face by stretching and hanging ...

Nose Aesthetics

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or nose reshaping surgery.

Breast Lıftıng

With aesthetic breast lift surgery, sagging breast tissue is reshaped.

Fat Extrusion ( Liposuction)

Proper diet and exercise and a regular lifestyle are essential to get rid of excess weight.

Face and Body Lift

Non-surgical face & body lift aesthetic procedure with focused high intensity sound wave.