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How Is Ear Pinning Surgery Performed?

“Otoplasty (ear pinning surgery) performed using the classic method is one of the simplest procedures in aesthetic surgery. Ear aesthetic surgery is a surgery that does not carry life-threatening risks, is performed under local anesthesia, and takes a maximum of 1 hour.

Otoplasty (protruding ear): refers to the ear cartilage that protrudes forward. Otoplasty is the process of pushing the ear backward by cutting or removing excess cartilage, which is aesthetically unpleasing.

Ear pinning surgeries can be performed on anyone at any age. The lower age limit for otoplasty is 6 years old, and there is no upper age limit. Patients who have lived with protruding ears for years can get rid of this problem with a one-hour operation.

I recommend performing otoplasty on a child with protruding ears at the age of 7-8, before starting school. The reason for this is to prevent the child from experiencing events that will shake his or her psychology for a problem that can be solved for a lifetime in an hour. Being teased by friends because of their ears can greatly affect children at a young age. This situation can lead to problems in the child’s socialization and psychology. It is beneficial to perform ear pinning surgery as early as possible.”

Ear Pinning Surgery

Post Ear Pinning Surgery

A bandage is applied after ear pinning surgery, which stays on the ear for about a week on average. When my patient comes for a check-up a week after ear pinning surgery, I review the condition of their ears and remove the bandage. The patient can continue their normal life with ears that are no longer protruding.

During the week when the bandage is used, it is necessary to protect the ears from water and physical contact. Because physical contact can damage the procedure we perform during ear pinning surgery and may cause problems in the ears later on.

How much does Ear Pinning Surgery Cost?

Otoplasty prices vary depending on the shape deformities in the ear. I need to examine you before this ear pinning surgery.

To have a pre-procedure examination, discuss the details, and get information about the prices of ear pinning surgery, we invite you to our clinic.

Is Ear Pinning Surgery Permanent?

Ears are organs that add aesthetic beauty to our face. Protruding ears often cause socialization and self-confidence issues, making a person feel unattractive. With ear pinning surgery, a person gets rid of the protruding ear problem permanently.

Can Protruding Ears Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Correction of protruding ears is successful and permanent only through surgery. I do not recommend other methods, as their success rates are low and they may be harmful.”

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