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Breast Lift
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What is a breast lift surgery?

Breast lift, also known as “mastopexy,” is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic breast surgeries. It can be performed alone or often in conjunction with breast implant surgeries or breast reduction surgeries.

In a breast lift surgery, excess skin tissue is removed, and the surrounding tissue is tightened to bring the sagging breast to an upright position. A new contour and shape of the breast are achieved. If the breast size is normal with sagging, only a lift is performed. If the breasts are large, a reduction may also be done, and if the breasts are small, implants may be placed.

Breast lift surgery can increase the confidence of patients with younger and firmer-looking breasts, allowing them to exercise more comfortably and eliminating existing skin problems due to sagging breasts.

Who is a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

Pregnancy, aging, weight loss, breastfeeding, and previous silicone implantation can cause breasts to sag. The following individuals are suitable for this operation:

Breast lift surgery process

Before the surgery, you will have undergone the necessary tests at the hospital and have been examined by the anesthesiologist. You should not eat or drink anything after midnight. In the morning, you will come to the hospital where the surgery will take place, and you will be admitted to your reserved room. An IV line will be inserted, and you will wait. To facilitate dressing changes, it is helpful to wear front-buttoned or zippered pajamas or tracksuits. When it is time for the surgery, you will be taken to the operating room by the staff and placed in the safe hands of the anesthesiologist and the surgical team. The entire operation will be performed under general anesthesia, and you will not feel any pain.

The surgery will last approximately 3 hours, and after a short recovery period, you will be taken back to your room. Although you may not initially feel any pain, as the effects of anesthesia wear off, you may experience some discomfort, which will be prevented by pain relievers given to you through the IV. You will find yourself wearing a special surgical bra that has been put on you during the surgery. You should wear this for the first month. You will see the drains placed during the surgery. These drains will be removed after 2-3 days. The reason for placement is to prevent any small leaks or fluids from staying in the breast area and causing accumulation. You can start taking liquid foods 6-8 hours after the surgery. Pain relievers and antibiotics will be given to you because your IV line is open. Necessary conditions will be provided for your comfort, and after spending one night as a guest in the hospital, you will be checked by me the next morning, your prescription will be prepared, and you will be informed about what to do and what not to do before going home or to the hotel where you are staying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sagging occur after breast lift surgery?

The operation does not have unlimited permanence. Pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, structural looseness in the breasts, or having silicone implants together will inevitably cause sagging afterwards. However, it will not return to a sagging state like before. As the years go by, the sagging will become more pronounced. It depends on the individual and the adequacy of the previous operation. It should be noted that, although the duration may vary, you will feel more comfortable for a long time.

Will there be scarring after breast lift surgery?

The issue of scarring varies from person to person. Depending on the surgical technique used, there will be scars in the shape of an inverted T, J, or vertical under the breast or around the areola. After the operation, these scars can be reduced with special creams or devices early in the recovery period. Generally, within 1 year, the scars become very faint. Some individuals may develop scar healing disorders called keloids or hypertrophic scars. If they occur, they will require separate attention.

Will i have breastfeeding problems after breast lift surgery?

Generally, breastfeeding problems are not experienced after breast lift surgery. You can breastfeed even if implants are placed. If an appropriate method is chosen and care is taken, it is very likely that your breastfeeding will not be affected after this surgery.

Can i get pregnant after breast lift surgery?

Considering the breast growth period during pregnancy, it is appropriate to have this surgery at least 1 year before becoming pregnant.

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