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Breast Aesthetics

Breasts have been much more prominent in women for centuries, and they are very important in both sexes. If we examine the sculptures of the mythological Goddess Artemis, we see that she has a very breasted structure. The breast is a symbol of femininity, fertility, and also power. In Anatolian civilizations, large breasts also appear as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

The breast is not just a part of the body for a woman but also a structure she uses to express herself. A problem she sees in this structure creates a self-confidence problem. This problem deeply affects her social and work life. Breast loss is also a great trauma for a woman. The size, shape, and form of the breast are made suitable for the person with aesthetic surgeries. This can be different according to the person’s desire and expectation. For example, a person may want a larger or smaller breast even if it is not proportional to her body. Breast aesthetic surgeries are divided into the following parts:

  • Breast enlargement surgeries
  • Breast reduction surgeries
  • Breast lift surgeries
  • Asymmetric or tuberous breast correction surgeries

What are the criteria considered in breast aesthetic surgeries?

Factors such as the structure, texture, consistency of the breast, the condition of its skin, the degree of its largeness or smallness, the relationship between the nipples and the fold under the breast, whether the breasts are asymmetric to each other, the condition of the nipples, the person’s age, weight, height, whether the chest wall is protruding or depressed, whether she has breastfed before, whether there is breast cancer in the family are important in planning the surgery.

The main goals of breast aesthetic surgeries are to perform a surgery that is in harmony with the person’s expectation and desire, symmetrical in characteristics, without sagging, with an appropriate volume and fullness, made with the least possible incision, most suitable for the person’s body structure, not impairing the ability to breastfeed, and finally, healing with the least scar.

Breast aesthetics is a class of surgeries where the aesthetic surgeon speaks his art. Since it requires creating a three-dimensional evaluation, measurement, and symmetry, it is a surgery that requires the ability to create in different hands. For example, breast lift surgery with the same cc prosthesis can give results as if they are very different surgeries. Aesthetic breast surgeries are surgeries that seem easy for the surgeon but are among the surgeries that are not easy to achieve beautiful results.

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