Temporal Lift

Temporal Lift
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What’s a temporal lift?

A temporal lift is a surgical procedure to smooth out the wrinkles and sagging on the temple of the face. This procedure causes the signs of aging around the eyes to become less apparent, resulting in a refreshed and younger appearance. It’s a minimally invasive procedure and generally it’s made possible by general anesthesia or sedation.

The benefits of a temporal lift:

A youthful appearance: The general dissapearance of the wrinkles around and on the temple of the face causes a healthier look.

Natural results: After the surgery, the patient achieves natural and captivating results.

Long lasting effects: The after effects of a temporal lift is quite durable and can last years.

Brief recovery period: It’s a minimally invasive procedure, meaning that it has a short recovery time.

Who’s suitable for a temporal lift?

A temporal lift is mostly suitable for people who have appearent wrinkles and sagging on their temple. It’s generally recommended for patients over 35. But it’s important to keep in mind that it can differ from people to people and the patient should be consultated before the surgery by their surgeon.

Surgical Process


The first step of the surgery is to have a detailed consultation with your doctor. In this meeting you’ll discuss your expectations, medical background and details of the surgery. Your surgeon will inspect your skin type and anatomy and decide on a suitable process.


On the day of the surgery, local anesthesia is applied and small incisions are made on the temple of the face. These cuts are generally hidden on the hairline. The surgeon tightens the skin via these incisions and takes out unnecessary skin. The surgery process lasts about 1-2 hours.

After surgery:

Bruises and swelling may be apparent after the surgery. But they usually decrease after a couple of days. Most patients can return to their usual life and activities after a couple of days. It’s important to obey your surgeon’s instructions for a healthy recovery.

Recovery after a Temporal lift:

Swelling and Bruises: After the surgery it’s normal to have bruises and swelling for some days. Cold compress can relieve these symptoms.

Pain Management: For mild pain you can use the painkillers your surgeon prescribed. The pain is usually gone after some days.

Stitch Removal: The stitches are removed about one week later. It’s important for the stitches to be clean and dry for infection to not occur.

Full recovery: The complete recovery process lasts up to 2-3 weeks. You should avoid heavy activities and use the skincare products your doctor has recommended.

Risks of a Temporal Lift

Like all surgical procedures, temporal lift also has some risks. These risks include infection, bleeding, asymmetry and complications due to anesthesia. Remember that these risks are less likely to happen and minimized if the surgery is operated by an experienced surgeon. To avoid complications after surgery, it’s best to fully understand and implement your surgeons instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the temporal lift surgery?

It’s about 1-2 hours.

How long does the results last?

The results of a temporal lift usually lars up to 5-10 years

Is there scarring after surgery?

The incisions are made on the hairline. The scars are not visible.

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