Skın Densıfıcatıon And Rejuvenatıon

Regional Thinning and Skin Densification via Randofrequency Technology

Radio frequency energy is being used which is activating Collagen creation and enabling skin rejuvenation over again.

After Skin densification treatment you would have a looking which is younger, tighten. It is an implementation which is aiming to repair required and rebuilding on skin areas. By decreasing tissue inequality makes skin tighten on flopped areas. It might be applied on all of skin types and tones.

What are results?

Most of the patients feel stretching, heat and tighten on skin during treatment. By the time,
patients observe that fat decrease on application area, fit, tighten looking and smoothly curls shows up. Tissular inequalities are disappeared and skin floppiness would be prevented.

Which areas it is being applied for?

Generally, it is being applied on weight gaining, losing and on areas floppy occured along with agedness. The application is being made on stomach, arms, legs, inner thighs, waist, back and knees. It is being a painless treatment, patient may go back to their daily activates immediately. Application seasons are decided between 6 and 8.