Prp is an application; purged blood from red blood cells which is taken from patient in first place; injecting to planned areas by doctor. The effect we obtain during Prp application is a cellular effect.
When Prp applied on aesthetic purpose; mostly face, neck, decollete, hand, inner tights, and arm as mainly it is applying in many areas in these purposes;

    • After applications Like; Laser, radiofrequency, roller, peeling; to heal skin faster and applications activity increase
    • To remove; of years, UV beams, environmental factors and cigarettes based skin sags, dullness and wrinkles, to regain flexibility and shine
    • Taking long time to heal wounds, cracks, scar and provide to control of intercepting skin integrity conditions
    • Prevent hair loss and support hair skin treatments

Does Prp application hurts? 

There is no bigger pain expected another than discomfort of needle while taking blood. Prp is quite fluid material, though it’s enjection applied as stuffing gives less pain. Also the pain feeling is decreased by anaesthetic creams.

Prp doesn’t apply to whom?

PRP couldn’t apply to canser patients and in serious conditions about immune system.