Nutrition in Ramadan

Ramadan, the sultan of 11 months, has come. Every Ramadan comes, we all say, “Where are those old Ramadan!” we say. Unfortunately, increasing health problems, the rush and stress of daily life, problems in human relations cause us to fall into this thought. In the memories of our childhood, there are big and wide Ramadan tables and pleasant conversations where the whole family is together. but human beings may have to change some habits in order to keep up with the developing and changing world. Our diet comes at the beginning of these.

For a few years, the fact that the month of Ramadan coincides with the long summer days has been challenging many of us while fasting. The decrease in the number of meals, the unusually long hours between meals and our need for water can disrupt our body rhythm. Unfortunately, after an average of 16 hours of hunger, excessive food intake with iftar time can cause many health problems, especially digestive system disorders. Persistence of hunger for a long time causes problems such as weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, inattention, tendency to sleep, irritability, indigestion, swelling, rancidity, work efficiency decreases. Symptoms such as irritability, sudden outbursts of anger, impaired concentration, headache, nausea and weakness increase, especially as the iftar hour approaches. With a few small but important details, we can spend a very comfortable Ramadan month and fast without encountering any of these problems.

– You should definitely get up for sahur; We should prefer a light and protein-based breakfast at sahur, considering the sleep afterwards. Eggs, cheese, milk, cereal-brown bread, soup, fat-free pastries will be suitable choices.

-Iftar should not be loaded on an empty stomach. Sudden intake of excessive amounts of food into the stomach, which is taken to rest for about 16 hours, may cause indigestion after iftar. To prevent this, for example; After breaking your fast with a glass of water, olive or palm, you can start with a bowl of soup and 1 slice of bread, take a break (10-15 minutes) and complete it with grilled steak, chicken or fish, a vegetable dish with olive oil and a salad.