Non Invasive Body Shaping And Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is called the formation of an orange peel-like appearance and a lumpy touch on the upper part of the skin due to the prevention of blood circulation as a result of the compression of the fat tissue in the lower layer of the skin. When the skin is touched, it is seen that the skin is rough and hardened. Cellulite is a problem seen in 9 out of 10 women. It can be seen in women of all ages, from adolescence, overweight or thin; However, in overweight people, the disorder caused by cellulite on the skin becomes more pronounced. It mostly manifests itself in the hip, hip, knee and inner parts of the ankle, behind the calves. There are many reasons for cellulite formation. The main reasons are; Bad eating habits, smoking and alcohol use, inactivity, hormonal-genetic factors, blood circulation disorders, connective tissue weakness are also among the causes of cellulite.

In recent years, diet-device combination treatments have been recommended for cellulite treatment and very successful results have been obtained.