How Fue method is done?
In hair transplantation the most used method in recently is FUE method.

  • FUE method; hair root taking process without being spoiled from donor areas by using a tool which named micromotor and with skilful kits with the average of 0,8mm and 1mm which are placed on edge of it.
  •  Nape is being shaved.
  • Area is being benumbed with local anaesthesia.
  • Hair roots being taken via special micromotor kit.
  • Canals being opened on hairless area.
  • Taken roots are being placed to opened canals along with giving intended angle one by one via special micropensets.
  • Root taken areas are being healed by themselves and due to there is no cut, there won’t be any stich scar on nape area.
  • The FUE method which has started to being applied in the world in 2004, It has been much more preferred by patients due to it provides healing much faster and not leaving stich scar on head skin.