By aging, weight losing on face and becoming visible and increase on skin lines might be happen. Adding volume to face and fill became visible lines via materials which are called stuff material. Also with stuff material, congenitally massless or sunken areas might be filled (as lips, cheeks etc). Although this process seems basic, if it is done in inappropriate ways, some serious complications might be occurred. If you think this kind of operation, consult to a plastic surgery specialist.

Fat injection

Fat injection is, the fat tissue taken from body’s proper area going through a pack of process and becoming thin form then apply to intended area via injection. With fat injections, as lips, lip – nose line face’s various areas might be filled, according to taken fat tissue amount it is possible to fill up much more bigger areas. (like breast)
Permanence of fat injections depends on technic and applied person. This must be remembered, some of fat tissue which is given is being melted. Therefore fat injections might be repeated until the intended result is taken.

Most important advantage of fat injections is not any foreign matter being used.

Stuff Materials

Stuff materials are ready to use in injectors in 1ml forms. It might be used in thin or more deep lines, depending on applying area and stuff’s features. It is a proper method to give volume on areas like lips. Beside that is too many stuff material in market, the most preferred is hyaluronic acid. It is a material which is normally situated in body. It is ideal for specially facial wrinkles, lines and mass lost areas.
Beside of hyaluronic acid and similar stuff’s using and implementation easiness, effects of its are temporary. This kind of materials effects are between 6 and 18 months, depending on person.