Face And Stretch Without Surgery

With focused high intensity sound wave non surgically Face &Body Stretch aesthetic process. With this method, by activating body’s natural healing system, eye brow lifting, tightening, face, neck, double chin and arm areas either skin and connective tissue which placed beneath skin stretch and retraction occurs by providing refreshing.

Sound wave technology having been used over 50 years with trust, that proves its trustworthiness for health wise. Due to this method is non surgically, healing process is not being required. Also a 30-45 minutes painless session, is enough for aimed results. Had been implementation is proper for every season of year along with not effecting your social life.

With this implementation;
-Natural face lifting
-Double chin retraction
-Lessen on forehead wrinkles
-Supraorbital and Eye Brow lifting
-Proving increase on collagens
-Flopping inner arms

-Outer, leg and inner leg floppiness
-Lessen on nasolabial line’s depth
-Assignation line on face oval
-Cheek retraction