Face Aesthetics

What is stretch-refreshing surgery?

Face stretching (ritidektomi) is a surgery method which provides to get rid of age connected prolapse on the face by stretching and hanging wrinkles. But in recent years, all of attempts about face aging has started to called in the name of facial rejuvenation.

By people got aged; some sprinkles, wrinkles, irregularity starts on face skin, and that also starts to prolapse with effects of years, sun rays, daily stresses and other factors (smoking, drinking, bad feeding). On aged face there is a looking of;clearer forehead lines, dropped eyebrows, hanged eye lids, started to exist cysts and lined looking under eyes, existed lines on nose-mouth area, hanged cheeks, lost chin contours, fatted and curtains of skin looked over neck area. Skin has lost its aliveness, there is sun spots on it and stains has become more clearer; skin has got thinned and wrinkled.

Face lifting surgery which is a part of Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery operations also called as “Face lift” or “ritidektomi”, with transported from idioms of English. With face stretch-refreshment surgeries; forehead, face and neck skin’s irregularity and prolapses being treated; excessive fat tissue being taken from cheek and neck, face facias and fat tissues being pulled and hanged to their anatomic locations, face tissues being repaired, eye lids being regulated and other completement attemps might being done(As like; Skin peeling, filling and botox)