There are 3 different methods in eyebrow contour

1- Microblading (hand method technic)
2- Micropigmentasion bristle technic (The one being applied with device)
3- Dusting Technic (known as powdering and velvet technic in colloquially)

We decide to which technic might be proper one to you after a short conversation; by learning your skin structure, eyebrow bristle’s structure and how do you want to look.

What is the different Microblading (Clay technic) and Micropigmentasion (Bristle technic which is being applied with device) ?
Both of them known as bristle technic but these are very different processes from each other.

It is an organic painting process which placed two layer beneath of skin by giving bristle effect through needle direction by using micro thinned needle. But quality of device in use and choosing needle type according to person’s skin is important. Not every permanent make up device is suitable.

Being done with device applications is permanent 1 to 3 years depending on skin type. The application which we called Microblading, is not being any electrical device, composed from a pin on a steel pen’s top, a device in formed as razor; as the name implies “Blade” . So it is a painting process made by making bristle looked cuts via Blade. Due to we are making it according to our hands weight, it is being much more superficial, therefore more alive bristle looking is being get on the upper layer of skin.