Downsizing Boobs On Males

What is the gynecomastia?
• Overgrowth on man boobs called as gynecomastia.

Why Gynecomastia (Growing over man boobs) happens?
• Beside that the main reason of its still unknown, it thought, there might be a lot of reasons to happen.
• Generally, the reason of being thought about sexual hormones. Gynecomastia which is seen approximately %75 of adolescents, might be disappear again in %75 without any treatments within a few years. Thus, making some hormone tests and examinations then the male should have being followed who applied and is in 14-15’s. Gynecomastia usually a normal status. Without creating a risk of health, as very rarely might be a token of another health risky (As; liver illnesses, thyroid illnesses, lung, colon, prostate cancer, testosterone irregularity)

If the creator reason of the gynecomastia might be enlightened, a treatment may be applied according to that. But in %90-95 any reason is could not found and aesthetic aimed treatment is applied which is surgical treatment.

Which surgical operations is being done to fix gynecomastia?

Picked surgical operation method to fix gynecomastia is decided according to type of gynecomastia.
As Surgical operation type, liposuction and mammary gland being removed methods are most proper ones.

These treatment methods depend on examination results. If gynecomastia mainly based on fat tissue, liposuction is the best treatment option. If there is mammary gland surplus along with fat tissue surplus, beside of removing fat tissue and mammary gland, skin tissue might be removed. As abstract, a person who has got complaint about gynecomastia will informed about what kind of surgery it is going to need in the light of necessary test results and examinations by his doctor when he consults to a plastic surgeon.

When open surgery is required usually it is being done under anaesthesia.