Breast Lifting

Why Breast Lifting Surgery is being done, what’s the goal in this surgery?

Repeated weight loses-gains, pregnancy – breastfeeding, increased age and with the effect of gravity; there might be discoverable floppy breasts which seems like inside of its is emptied.

With aesthetic breast lifting surgery flopped breast tissue is reshaped and down looking breast heads is being replaced to its normal tone.

How Breast Lifting Surgery is being done?

With aesthetic breast lifting surgery, by reshaping flopped breast tissue; getting upright form to breast and to decollete area which is upper breast area and down looking breast heads are being replaced to its normal tone.
During these surgeries if the areola of nipple is big, it is being reduced as well.

What has to be done after Breast Lifting Surgery?

Post – Surgical period usually passes in comfort, resting for 5-7 days and wearing sports bra for 6 weeks is advised to patients. Avoiding heavy sports for 3 months is advised.
On breast; swelling, purply colour changes and temporary emotionlessness might be occur on early stages. These are fixed by their self.

Only breast lifting surgery is enough?

If there is volume lose along with floppiness, in this scenario with breast lifting surgery, there might be added breast prothesis (breast enlarging surgery) as well.

Does scar occurs after breast lifting surgery?

After this surgery; scar might be occurred around of nipple area, through downside of nipple as perpendicular lined and on some patients on down boob fold. In every boob lifting surgeries scars occurs but these scars become shadowy in time. We are recommending using some special creams and supporting the stich area with special kind of bands for 2-3 months after surgery in order to make scars shadowy much more earlier.