Breast Enlarging

Breasts are one of the most important aesthetic part in woman’s body. In our age, increasing importance of good looking and along with increasing in technology, all aesthetic procedures increased and breast enlarging surgeries which is begin done via silicon breast prosthesis has become one of the most being chosen surgery by woman.

Woman breast growth starts in 9-14 ages and making woman breast exist mammary glands, connective tissue and fat tissues growing is being completed under genetic and hormonal factors. After growth period, the breast sizes might not be reached to enough size to satisfy the patient itself. Or satisfied woman from its breast growth, along with increased age, weight gains-loses or after pregnancy and breastfeeding periods; they might be unsatisfied because of their breasts lost its volume and being seem like eviscerated or softened.

In situations like this, breast enlarging operation might be done with silicone implants (breast prothesis) on woman who are over 19-20 and not having any status which is obstacle to surgery. Recently, in use to breast enlarge, most permanent and trusted method is prosthesis placed breast enlarging operations. In first examination before surgery, patients current breast tissue, flopping at boobs control, chest wall and perimeter is being evaluated. In the light of patient expectations and requirement which is determined above; being determined to; is patient a proper candidate for surgery, size of going to placed prothesis, this prothesis placement plan and place of cut which is going to happen. If there is flopping along with breast smallness, while enlarging breasts with breast prothesis also at the same time breast lifting and roundup are being done.

Breast surgeries is usually being done under anaesthesia. Surgeries approximately takes 1,5 – 2 hours. There is two type breast prothesis; one is filled with silicone gel or other one is filled with serum physiologic (salted water). Both of these breast prothesis’s exterior surface is made by silicone material. Geometrically shaped as round or globule prothesis’s surface, might be smooth or gritty.

During first examination your doctor will decide to best type and size prothesis by considering your desires and current breast tissue and chest wall.

In breast enlarging surgeries, the cut might be done from 3 different places to place prothesis:
1-) Breast inframammary fold
2-) Areola
3-) Arm pit

Place of cut might be depends on; patient’s desires and anatomy, going to be placed prothesis type and size and surgeons choice.

In breast enlarging surgeries prothesis either might be placed in right under of breast tissue (subglanduler) or beneath of muscle which is placed beneath under of breast tissue (subpectoral or dual plan).

While prothesis placement plan is being selected, patient’s current breast tissue and skin thickness, floppiness on breasts and patient’s desires are important.
Specially in floppiness on breast situations, according to detailed examinations and measurements, it is being decided to be fixed neither with prothesis or not by depending on this floppiness degree. If there is floppiness issue on breast, while breast enlarging at the same breast lifting and roundup surgery is being done with silicone prothesis.

After the surgery, a little medical dressing is being done on patient and make patient wear bra. It is possible to go back to home at the same day after surgery but your doctor might want to you stay for one night in hospital. Patients usually could go back to their job in a few days but they banned to lift heavy objects for 3 weeks and in early days they are advised to not lift their arms up.