Breast Downsizing

Why breast downsizing surgery?

On many woman, breast is being flopped and big compared to body. Breast largeness might be sourced on genetic, hormonal or excessive weight. Non-proportional big breasts which is reason of physical symptoms like Waist ache, should ache, back ache, postural irregularities, might get a trace under bra straps, you may get difficult to choose outfits, you might ashamed of your big breasts, you may hear sexually harassment words, you may get effected as emotionally.

Your complaints might increase in hot summer months, there might be nappy rash and itches on down of your breast, taking attention while entering to sea might make you uncomfortable.
In this situation downsizing breast volume and weight, in order to lifting, you might think about downsizing breast operation which is a surgery.

What we need to pay attention before surgery?

Overweight patients being advice about losing weight. Cigarette affects negatively to scar healing. For a healthy healing period you have to let cigarette before and after surgery for a while. You should use medicines before 2 weeks of your operation date, you could use the necessary ones by advising to your surgeon. You have to follow orders of your doctor. Before breast downsizing operation, your doctor will identify to breast size effecting factors by learning your and your family’s medical history. After surgery, make sure about your clothes and stay place’s hygiene. Have in stock; clean, ironed relax clothes. By Making the things you have to done before surgery, reserve your time to rest after surgery.

What is breast downsizing operation?

Breast downsizing operation is relocating breasts in desired sizes by taking excessive fat and tissue. There is a few surgical methods and your surgeon will inform you about scars, advantages and disadvantages and choose the proper one. You could share your hesitations about surgery with your surgeon. Breast downsizing surgery takes 2-4 long depending on breast size under general anaesthesia. On breasts there might be an asymmetry between them and during operation with necessary downsize, asymmetry might be fixed. After surgery being stay in hospital for one night and after surgery medical bra is being wore for 6-8 weeks.