Botox Applications

Botox treatment (wrinkle corrective enjection) is a non-surgical treatment to prevent dynamic and moving wrinkles which shows up with our mimic moves.
This process blockades to wrinkle creator muscles until 4-6 moths with a 30 minutes application time including patients preparing time to process.
Its effect start in 2-3 days and in the 10th day shows full effect. After application, patient could go back to their daily life.

It is a natural and purified product which is created from Botoks Clostridum Botulinum bacteria. It is being injected through muscles which provides wrinkles via needle point injectors. Dosages of application depends on application area and wrinkle degree. Botox’s effect is limited with applicated muscle area, doesn’t mix through systemic circulation.

Botox is not a miracle to create you over again, it’s a medicine. Specially becomes visible associated with your mimic muscle movements, wrinkles on forehead, glabella and side of eye wrinkles gives extremely good answer to Botox treatment.

Beside of this upper lip and neck lines might be treated. Also it is used in sweating treatment on hand, foot and armpit areas. It might be applied on everybody who has got wrinkles. But it is may not be applied on pregnant and nursing mothers.

Botox, must be done by specialist doctors who know face mimic muscle and facial anatomy. Otherwise, eye lip drop or other unwanted results will occur on face after wrong applications.

Your doctor determines to injection area to get best result. General anaesthesia is not required, depending on sensitivity a local anaesthesia cream or ice compress might be applied. To every area to be implemented, Botox is applied in proper dosages according to requirements. Implementation time is approximately 10 minutes. You could go back to your normal activity immediately.
Botox’s effect continues until 4 moths. Botox’s effect time might be change on continuous injections. In clinical researches 3-6 months effect is proved.