Are We Doomed to the Sweet Crisis?

NO!!! None of us are condemned to go through sweet crises. From time to time, during very stressful periods, especially in women, before the menstrual period or as a result of wrong diets, sweet crises occur. Do not worry, this month we have prepared suggestions that will help you get through this period successfully and make your life easier. Do not forget before reading our suggestions, your greatest assistant in this matter is YOUR PATIENCE; Your worst enemy is YOUR BRAIN.

1- The first food you eat in the morning should not be a dessert. Because when we start the day with a sweet food, the blood sugar balance will deteriorate, so you will need dessert all day and remember, you have a whole day ahead! A regular and balanced breakfast is therefore important.

2- You should gain the habit of snacks. There should be a minimum of 2, a maximum of 3 hours between each meal. Prolonged hunger drives you into a sweet crisis. Because with prolonged hunger, our blood sugar drops too much, and your brain can’t think of anything but sweet because the best and fastest thing that raises it is a dessert.

3- Try to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Sometimes, stress, depression, deaths, problems in emotional relationships affect the release of some hormones that we call happiness hormones, which leads us to unhappiness and an impasse. In this case, it causes us to go into a sweet crisis. At such times, we must try to change our focus to get away from the idea of ​​food. Maybe we can take a hobby or take a walk in the fresh air.

4- Foods with high glycemic index (which increases blood sugar slowly and prevents it from falling for a long time) can help us in a crisis. Legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits should be preferred in our meals. Due to the sugar content called fructose in the fruit content, it can increase blood sugar quickly and decrease it in a short time, so it can be consumed with foods such as milk and yogurt with high protein content to reduce blood sugar more slowly.