What is Filler, Who Is It Applied To And Which Regions?
The area where filling is most commonly used is the face area. Fillers applied for aesthetic purposes are used for wrinkles on the nose edges, sagging around the mouth, and filling the area where the cheekbone is located. It is applied in the lips for thickening thin lips or lips thinned with age.
Don't Let Your Surgery Scars Be a Nightmare
Correction of scars and surgical scars is one of the most demanded operations of plastic surgery. The aim here is to make the scar unobtrusive, not to remove it completely. You cannot completely remove a scar with any method. There is a false belief among the public that all scars can be removed with aesthetics. After all surgeries or injuries, there will be scars in places where stitches are made. The remaining scar is actually a physiological event, completely natural, the remaining residue of the healing wound; but it is often requested to be corrected because it distorts the appearance. In fact, what is done in aesthetic surgery is to ensure that the remaining scar is in a relatively hidden place where it is least visible and to ensure that the suture is thrown as smoothly as possible; If the scar is formed as a result of an injury, it is to make this scar less noticeable.
Vagina aesthetics
Mikrotia (Small ear aesthetics)
Prominent ear
Face lift
Thigh aesthetics
Fat filler
Forehead and temple lift, Eyebrow lift
Tummy tuck
Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Eyelid aesthetic
Breast repair mastectomy
Breast enlargement
Breast lift
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